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When you’re missing several teeth, it can have a dramatic impact on your daily life. You may find it more difficult to chew and speak, and your self-confidence may also be affected. Fortunately, our high-quality dentures in Manassas can help you regain your luminous smile.

What Happens When You Get Dentures?

Receiving brand-new dentures typically takes place over several steps. First, your dentist will generate an impression of your teeth and bite. This ensures that your new appliance accurately replicates your smile. If you have diseased teeth, they will need to be extracted before receiving a full denture. A temporary dental device will be provided for you to wear until your final appliance is created. Those who are having an implant-supported denture will have their implants positioned before receiving their permanent device. After your gums have recuperated from any required procedures, your dentist will place and adjust your permanent denture.

What Types of Dentures Are Available?

Every patient is different, so our office provides a variety of affordable quality dentures to meet your needs. Please call our office to learn more about the following denture types:

Full or Partial Dentures

When most of your teeth are missing or damaged, a full denture may be recommended. These appliances serve as replacements for a full arch of teeth and the surrounding gums. Full dentures can be secured in place using a denture adhesive, or they can be permanently fixed in place using dental implants. If your full denture is removable, it will need to be cleaned each evening.

People that have many healthy teeth remaining may find that a partial denture suits their needs. Partials function much like a bridge, featuring a row of artificial teeth with clasps on each side. To remove the partial, you’ll simply unhook the clasps from the adjacent teeth.

Flexible Partial Denture

Unlike traditional partials, flexible partial devices are created without metal clasps or rigid materials. Instead, they’re made from a pliable, lightweight material that flexes as you chew and speak. Flexible partials utilize soft, gum-colored clasps for a discreet and natural appearance.

Implant-Supported Denture

While a traditional denture sits on the gum line, an implant-supported denture relies on two to four dental implants placed in the jawline. This type of denture is best used as a lower denture, though they can be placed in the upper jaw. Implant-supported appliances can be removable or permanently fixed in the mouth.

How Much Do Dentures Cost for Patients?

The cost of creating dentures largely depends on the type of appliance selected, the materials used, and the current condition of your teeth. If you require preparatory treatment, that will also be factored into your total charges. Give us a call today to explore your denture options.

What Are Dentures for Dental Patients?

If lost teeth have affected your appearance or chewing ability, our customized dentures in Manassas can help. These custom-made dental devices consist of artificial teeth attached to a removable frame or dental implant. our affordable quality dentures can greatly improve your jaw function, facial structure, and even your self-confidence.

How Does a Soft Denture Reline Work?

When you receive a soft reline, your dentist resurfaces the underside of your appliance with a flexible, comfortable material. Soft relines can often alleviate some of the sore spots and discomfort caused by dentures. If you’d like to learn more about how you can increase your dentures’ comfort, call us now to discover our reline services.

Am I a Candidate for All-on-Four Dentures?

With All-on-Four dentures, a full set of teeth will be affixed to four implants in the lower jaw. This permanent restorative solution gives you excellent biting power plus the security of a fixed denture. Get in touch with us today to find out if this unique option is right for you.

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